Are Electronic Cigarettes A Good Alternative To Smoking Or A Hazard?

Nowadays, the use of electronic cigarettes has been popularized and is becoming an alternative cigarette to smoke. However, there is still no definite conclusion whether it is safe to use and is it an effective way to quit smoking a real cigarette? According to some research, electronic cigarettes are made to bypass any health risk that an individual can receive by cigarette smoking.

It also claimed that it helps smokers to quit smoking while others suggest that you can truly experience its benefits. Cutting down your health risk to certain illnesses and diseases can be done slowly by desensitizing yourself away from smoking a cigarette. This is why electronic cigarettes are offered as an alternative until such time that you won’t even look at a pack of cigarette.

However, this doesn’t only aim for older individuals to quit smoking, but there are also few studies that show evidence that vaping can be harmful in some cases. So, boils down to a decision whether you’d like to pursue vaping an electronic cigarette or not? Marketing shows that it is safe to use. Thus it offers a variation of flavors wherein manufacturers are keen enough to attract younger generation and early adolescence to purchase this innovative idea.

During 2016, it has been noted by a general surgeon that electronic cigarette became a public concern. There are five reasons as to why using electronic cigarettes becomes an alarming cause. Here are the following.

1. It contains nicotine- some e-cigarettes are found to have a nicotine component which is still considered to be dangerous to the health. This can be addictive, and even while you are planning to quit smoking, it can trigger the cause of having to smoke again. It is very dangerous for pregnant women to try vaping with an e-cigarette as this can cause a fatal defect.

2. The aerosol is containing solvents- Of course, to fully use the gadget you need an electronic juice for a vaping experience. Most of this e-liquid is flavored which according to the general surgeon it is harmful to the body system.

3. It can expose the lungs- There will be different substances wherein vaping can be dangerous. One of these is called Diacetyl. This ingredient can ultimately cause an irreversible respiratory failure. Moreover, if it is swallowed accidentally, it can be a potential danger and hazard to your health.

4. Vaping community- Although you may find it queer that vaping together with other people who are into electronic cigarette may have the tendency not to stop smoking for that matter. It may be the cause to trigger smoking instead of decreasing the chance to smoke again. If you want to quit smoking fully, choose the type of people who are motivated and focused.

Bottom line
Indeed, the use of electronic cigarette can help you quit smoking. However, since there is no specific conclusion whether the use of an e-cigarette is safe and effective. Although using it may be less harmful compared to an actual cigarette. As this has an added component of nicotine, vaping can be a form of activity that may be highly addictive and becomes a risk among teenagers and young adolescents.

In conclusion, there are several ways for you to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes may be a good alternative for you to quit smoking but you must understand your risks as you are using it. Get to know the manufacturer of its electronic liquids and always check the labels before any purchase. If you are planning to use it as your business, there are certain rules and regulations that you must follow to avoid legal concerns to the public.