Should Smokers Vape? Should Vapors Smoke?

Many people assume that if you vape, you don’t smoke and if you smoke, you don’t vape. While inhaling the vapor from the e-liquids that electronic cigarettes provide replaces smoking, that assumption would be incorrect. In fact, smokers that are trying to quit that habit will often vape when they can’t smoke as they try to wing themselves from the nicotine addiction.

Those people are known as dual users and it is those people that have thrown doubt on the potential of electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid used in them as being a substitute for tobacco. Because e-cigs are considered to be a quit smoking tool, this makes little sense for anyone to be using both, right?

Why The Dislike Of a Dual User?

The introduction of electronic cigarettes was that this is a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco for those who are addicted to nicotine. Because cigarettes have been linked to cancer and other diseases, that can cripple their lungs or other parts of the body, this new concept of vaping has been widely accepted by non-smokers. So when you see somebody vaping at work and then smoking a traditional cigarette at a bar, you have to ask yourself, are they really doing themselves any favors?

Aggressive Campaigns

Just like anything else, electronic cigarettes have critics too, and one of their favorite targets are dual users. They are thought of as “prime examples” of smokers that have failed their goal to quit smoking. The claim made by anti-electronic cigarettes people that those who are dual users of e-cigs and traditional cigarettes are probable to suffer the health issues of the traditional cigarettes. There are some anti electronic cigarette campaigns that claim inhaling the vaper of e-liquids do not help a smoker quit smoking.

Harm Is Reduced For Dual Users

Nevertheless, if electronic cigarettes can help a smoker quit or not, nobody can dispute the fact the electronic cigarettes and the e-liquids used in them are safer than traditional cigarettes or other forms of tobacco. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

A cigarette smoker will average around 200 puffs off their cigarette daily. By switching to electronic cigarettes totally, you are reducing your chance of health issues by 95%. Therefore, we would suffice to say that a dual user of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes will reduce their health risk by 100 puffs per day, a reduction of 50%.

Encourage Dual Usage?

A non-smoker can’t understand that to quit smoking isn’t done by flipping a switch. A smoker has acquired an addition and they need a gradual process to be successful in quitting. It is not a transition and the presence of electronic cigarettes can be an immense help in making the transition a success. So, a dual smoker is simply using a helping hand to change their lifestyle, improve their health, and make a difference. If a smoker believes that by being a dual user will be helpful in quitting and recovering faster from their smoking addiction, then why not use that help?