Vaping Marijuana – A Better, Greener, Healthier Way To Enjoy Your Pot

A lot of changes have been happening lately when it comes to smoking grass, marijuana, pot, weed, whatever you call it. First, several states have legalized in some ways, one being it considered a medicinal plant. And there have been a lot of people including waiting for a long time for this to happen.  Through a lot of research, studies, and the lawsuits of course, proof has been shown that using Marijuana for medicinal use is beneficial for a lot folks.

Second, with everyone all about living green and healthy, there has been a way to smoke your weed in a green way that is also healthier. The electronic cigarette allows you to enjoy your pot without the smoke – just like smoking has changed from traditional cigarettes. Instead of smoke, there is a vaper. You can vape with an e-cig instead of a bong, joint or the camouflaged cigarette.

How Does This Work?

The cartridge part of an electronic cigarette is where you placed the powdered weed and then when you press the button, a battery is activated each time you take a puff. The battery then creates a power that heats up the herb and creates a vapor from the active ingredients once it reaches a certain temperature.

Step One: Remove the contents from inside and the tip of the electronic cigarette using a pair of pliers. Once you have reached the heating element, move on to Step Two.

Step Two: Clean the unit so that you get all the nicotine and tar out of the unit. You can do this by swirling a cotton swab around the inside for a few minutes.

Step Three: Now you can pack your marijuana inside the device, not too tight, and smoke! After you have finished your “joint”, replace the tip to keep it clean inside and put it away until you’re ready for another round.

It Is A Greener Alternative

By using an electronic cigarette to vape your pot, you won’t be adding to the air pollution, making it a green way to help protect the environment.

It Is a Healthier Alternative

Even though the FDA has not given their approval on electronic cigarettes as being safe, the research and studies have proven they are healthier than traditional cigarettes. And we know that marijuana is healthier than traditional tobacco as the nicotine and tar are missing. Many doctors that prescribe marijuana advise their patients to vape not smoke because it is the healthier way.

It Is The Better Alternative

The advantages are many when it comes to vaping your pot versus smoking it, such as   the smell is minimal, if not totally gone. You can also customize your electronic device, choosing one of the many colors, designs, or styles that are on the market today.

Be Done With The Rolling Papers!

The days of stocking up on rolling papers are quacking becoming ancient history. The vaping world has opened up another door for those who enjoy their marijuana and want to be green and healthy too. By embracing the vaping world, you’ll see a lot of advantages to smoking your pot in the form of electronic cigarettes.